Brewton Alabama is the county seat of Escambia County, Alabama. At the time of the 2000 census its population was at 5,498.

First established in May of 1861, Brewton Alabama found its beginnings as a train station under the charge of Edmund Troupe Brewton. At this time, the city was known as Newport by the merchant barges traveling over to Pensacola, Florida, via the Murder and Burnt Corn Creeks. Eventually, railroad tracks were built. However, during the Civil War, the train lines were severed, and in the carnage, local lumber mills were damaged or destroyed outright. Despite this, after the war was over, people returned to Brewton to rebuild it. With the improving economy, a school was built, and small businesses took root and grew. By the 1870s, demand for lumber from overseas was a boon for the current economy, and opened doors for a more prosperous one. Timber and lumber operations sprang up to meet the demand, which was ferried by the Conecuh-Escambia waterway and delta, which flows all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

While people had been living there for decades, Brewton did not officially become a town until February 13, 1995. It eventually became the county seat. In the ensuing centuries, the county has built a series of courthouses, and Brewton’s education system has grown from a single school to one with Jefferson Davis Junior College. According to the 2000 census, the average household size is 2.35 people, while the average family size is at almost three. The median income for households is $34,234, whereas the median income for a family was registered at $43,548. As is typical due to the gender wage gap, male residents’ median income was at $37,348, while it was a shocking $20,212 for women. Overall, the per capita income for Brewton was $18,185.

Currently, Brewton’s city government includes a mayor and a five-member of city council.

As for Brewton’s cultural qualities, it is known as the home of the Alabama Blueberry Festival, which, since 2006, is held at Burnt Corn Creek Park and in the downtown area of Brewton. Before then, it took place on campus at Jefferson Davis Community College.

Another cultural site is the Thomas E. McMillan Museum, which is also located on campus. Founded in 1979 as a way to chart and commemorate life in Brewton and Escambia County at large, it has items ranging from an eons old fossil to an antique popcorn popper that uses the heat from the family hearth. While perhaps the least well-known of Brewton’s institutions, this museum is peerless in its region for its historical and archeological artifacts and objects. This regional treasure documents more than Brewton’s history, but that of the region in general, which encompasses decades of American conflict and growth. As a resource for local history, you will not do better than the Thomas E. McMillan Museum and its sister facility, the Escambia County Historical Society’s Alabama Room. Those with an especial interest in the history of Brewton and the surrounding region may apply to become members of the Escambia County Historical Society, which is dedicated to recognizing and preserving Brewton’s heritage.

Despite its tiny size, Brewton Alabama has a list of notable natives, many of whom were distinguished athletes. These include Wayne Frazier, a pro football player who played for the San Diego Chargers, The Houston Oilers, and the Buffalo Bills. Other athletes are WNBA player Deanna Jackson, and football players Cliff Lewis, Kevin Sumlin, and Anthony Redmon. Famous musicians William Lee Golden, of The Oak Ridge Boys, and country singer Hank Lockin also hail from Brewton.

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We are a globally mobile society now; cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. Once a rare sight, it has become a normal and everyday occurrence to see drivers chatting animatedly away while driving their cars on the highways, side streets, country lanes, and city traffic.

Now, traffic fatalities have increased as a result of distracted drivers, ushering in the advent of Bluetooth earpieces, speaker systems, and OnStar. Many states have implemented new laws banning the use of handheld mobile phones while driving, and carry heavy fines and penalties for drivers caught violating these laws.

The Kulesh and Kubert and Bolis Laws have been named after three New Jersey residents: Helen Kulesh was an elderly woman who was killed when a driver, using a handheld phone, hit her when she was crossing a street. Amputees David and Linda Kubert were maimed when they were hit while riding a motorcycle—again by a driver using a handheld, and nine-month-pregnant Toni Bolis was killed in a vehicular accident by another handheld-using driver.

Under the new legislation, New Jersey prosecutors can charge offenders with vehicular homicide or assault when an accident occurs in which there is proof the defendant was using a handheld mobile device. Assault by auto can carry up to 18 months in prison and $10,000 in fines, while the more serious homicide penalties can result in between 5-10 years imprisonment and up to $150,000 in fines.

Even with the new hands-free devices and accessories on the market, over half of drivers admit to using their handheld phones while driving, and almost all said that they would answer the phone and continue to talk while driving, using the handheld rather than an earpiece or speakerphone function. Texting while driving is also becoming a serious risk and safety concern, with fatalities and injuries increasing at an alarming rate. New laws regarding restrictions on texting, as well as use of handhelds, are being implemented under high penalties if violated.

What is unbelievable is companies like this continue to get 5-star safety ratings from the NHTSA and the same organization gets thousands of complaints from consumers before even considering a recall!

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Every person has a right to employment at par with his/her capability. Society encourages people to seek meaningful and rewarding employment that contributes in some way to upholding the structure of society. It is necessary therefore, that the rights of the employees be protected.

Every nation has enacted its own set of laws that aim to protect its workers and employees from exploitation. These laws supersede any policies that a private organization may have for its employees. All organizations that employ people in any form must conform to these laws.

Labor standards in New York dictate that all employees must be protected against exploitation by the employer.
This takes care of wages, hours of work, child labor, employee exploitation, farm labor and minimum wages.

In this article, we are looking at employment laws in Staten Island, New York.

Working Hours

The New York Labor Standards state that employers can only demand a fixed period of work from their employees in a work day and within a work.

In the absence of such laws, unscrupulous employers can force their employees to work more than the time they are required to work.

Labor Standards on Manual Work

Where heavy manual work is concerned , Labor Standards dictate that appropriate rest periods must be allowed to the employee throughout their work day. The workers who do light work can at times work for long hours.

Labor Standards also stipulate that every employee must be given at least one whole day off in a week by every employer without exception.

Minimum Wage in New York

The minimum wage in New York as per state Labor Standards is eight dollars per hour. Employers are required to pay their employees’ wages equivalent to this amount.

This minimum wage has been arrived at after extensive study of current cost of living in the state of New York and takes into account the basic needs of employees and workers.
There is even a framework that handles the grievances of employees who have been denied their rightful wages by an employer. The department of Labor handles all such complaints.

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The department requires only that employees with grievances should file formal complaint with it so that it may take required action.

The execution of work duties as per the employer’s requirements by the worker must be paid in kind by the employer by paying the employee the due wages. Failure to do so necessitates legal action.

The enforcement of these statutes of the employment laws in Staten Island and the rest of the state of New York act as a deterrent against unscrupulous employers and offer a way to retrieve denied wages.

Child Labor Regulations

The employment laws also have stringent regulations that govern the employment policies in relation to minors. As per New York Labor Standards, no minor aged 14 or less can be employed for work by any agency or person. Doing so is an act with severe legal consequences.

However, for minors over the age of 15 the Labor Standards state that they can work in part time jobs as long as the work hours are after school or fall during vacations.

For minors over the age of sixteen, full time employment is possible under labor standards if they are no longer interested in pursuing their studies

Employment Standards on Farm Labor

For both employers and employees who engage in farm labor in the state of New York, definite rules and laws exist under the employment standards of the state. These exist to safeguard the interests of farm laborers.

Chief among the stipulations of Farm Labor standards is the minimum wage that must be paid to farm laborers which is at par with the minimum wage of $8 per hour prevalent in the state.

Also, according to farm labor standards any cost that the employer bears to provide food and shelter to the workers can be subtracted from the earnings of the workers.

On top of this employment laws state that farm employers must provide their employees a required minimum amount of rest per day. This is emphasized because farm work takes a toll on the body and the body cannot function without proper rest intervals.

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To protect the employees of the state of Texas from possible exploitation at the hands of their employers, a set of laws have been put in place that preserve employee rights. Throughout the course of their employment, these laws ensure the preservation of employee rights.

Using this article as a medium, we seek to provide a brief but informative look at the major aspects of these laws.

Hiring an Employee

While hiring an employee, the law forbids employers from any form of discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, age, national origin or disability.

None of these factors of race, religion etc. can be cited as a viable reason to reject a qualified candidate. Doing so is an offence against state employment laws.
The price of flouting the employment law guidelines can be severe fines and penalties imposed on the employer.

Texas Minimum Wage Laws

In Texas, the minimum wage is at par with the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr. This wage is likely to be revised in the coming months. In addition to this, employment law states that if an employee works more than 40 hours a week, then the employer must pay the employee overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 per week.

And the overtime hourly rate must be one half times more than their usual rate. The minimum wage and overtime laws are applicable on all non-exempt employees working in Austin.

A wide range of businesses are covered under the canopy of the minimum wage and overtime laws. These businesses have been categorized on the basis of specific criteria which qualify them as businesses which must conform to the overtime and minimum wage laws.

Some employees are however exempted from the federal minimum wage and overtime protection. They include administrative personnel, executives, outside sales employees and professional workers.

All employees who regularly receive tips which constitute a significant portion of their earnings can be given a lesser hourly wage than the minimum stipulation. But the employer must ensure that the tips plus the regular hourly wage together add up to an average hourly rate that is equal to exceed the minimum wage limit.

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Safety at the Workplace

A major concern for employees is safety at the workplace. Thus the employment laws make it necessary for the employer to make sure that the safety of the employee is taken care of while at the workplace.

OSHA covers almost everyone in the workplace except independent contractors.

Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are two such agencies that safeguard the interests of the employees at the workplace and keep a watchful eye on employee safety standards at the workplace.

These laws and the agencies also provide protection from discrimination to any employee who files a complaint about worker safety against their employer.

Employee Health Benefits

In the event of an injury which occurs at the workplace, the employer is required to pay recompense to the injured employee from a an insurance program that the employer is required to fund.

From this insurance program, the employer is required to pay the temporarily disabled employee, the cost of the medical treatment and a part of his/her lost wages.

Employer participation in the program is voluntary. If a business provides its workers with workers’ compensation coverage, the employees are only entitled to receive benefits for on-the-job injuries.

In the absence of an employer funded insurance program, any injured employees are free to use any legal methods to seek damages and compensation from the employer.

Time Off

Employers are required by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to give covered workers unpaid leave for covered events of up to 12 weeks.

All the people employed by government agencies as well as private agencies with fifty or more employees are eligible for the leaves and time offs as mentioned in the employment laws. During voting, these employees are give a two hour paid leave to cast their vote a employers cannot interfere with this right of the employees.

As per the stipulations of the state laws, any employee called upon for jury duty is entitled to a time off, albeit unpaid, from the employer.

Post Employment Compensation

When a employee’s job is terminated by an employer, then it is legally incumbent upon the employer to provide the employee with compensation for the lost job in accordance with the guidelines set in the employment laws. The only exception to this rule is if the employee has been fired due to misconduct.

The state employment laws also provide the option for erstwhile employees to continue their health coverage at their own cost after they have left their job. But this is only applicable for businesses that have at least 20 employees.

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When you genuinely require a attorney who is an expert in a certain industry, choose one. While you may have a legal professional whom you trust implicitly, they may not know ample to truly manage your scenario within a manner which results in an optimistic final result. Question that attorney for who they will often suggest as an alternative.

Do you experience feeling like you can find the attorney that is going to allow you to win your scenario now? It’s important that you take advantage of the advice you’ve figured out in this article so that you can greater make your right selection connected with your requirements. You want to feel like you have the best possible particular person in your corner.

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